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Stoves and cooktops are essential kitchen appliances. Be it a gas stove, induction cooktop, or electric cooker, you need one for cooking. helps you choose suitable stoves, guides you to use them, and shares various practical tips and information based on our expertise.

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  • Market Research: We research the market to know the market trends and latest releases. This process helps us to find the most reputed brands and products. Learn more about us.
  • Identifying Critical Features: Every stove in the Indian market has some pros and cons to determine its worthiness. We analyze all these details to find out these crucial factors like usability, efficiency, build quality, durability, and power/ fuel consumption.
  • Selecting Stoves: Based on these critical factors, we choose the top-rated stoves and compare them, which you can find in every article we publish.
  • Manual Testing: After sorting out the potential best products, we manually test them based on the key decision-making factors. A manual examination is not needed for some stoves as they are significantly better or worse than the other products.
  • Documentation: After completing all the tests and analyses, it’s time to photograph and document all our findings. When writing an article, we always give importance to the quality with the goal of helping the users.

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