How To Clean Glass Top Gas Stove?

Trying to make your kitchen shine spotless? Don’t forget about your glass top gas stove. Despite all the spills, grease, and dirt that deposit on gas stoves, we don’t usually clean them often. This results in tough buildups of grit and oil. A black gas top covered in burnt grease can ruin the beauty of your kitchen. Thankfully, cleaning up the glass top gas stove isn’t too hard.

In this regard, you should note that a glass top gas stove shouldn’t be cleaned in the same way as a steel gas stove with a metal cooktop. Don’t worry, this article will show you how to clean up a 2, 3, or 4 burner glass top gas stove completely.

Why Is Cleaning A Glass Top Gas Stove Different From A Regular Stove?

You might be wondering why the cleaning process of a glass top gas stove differs from an ordinary one. Since the structure and technology in the glass top gas stove from brands like Prestige, Elica, and Butterfly are more or less the same as a stainless steel gas stove, this might be a little puzzling.

Well, the difference in the cleaning process exists only because glass is highly prone to scratches. If you clean a glass top gas stove the same way you’d clean a regular gas stove, you might end up ruining the sleek and stylish black glass top. This is why you need to take extra care with a gas stove with a glass top.

Abrasive cleaning products, steel wool, rough sponges, and other items used in cleaning a normal stove aren’t suitable for a glass top gas stove. These materials can easily scratch the delicate surface of the glass and ruin its beauty. So, how do you clean a gas stove with a glass top? Let’s find out.

How To Clean Glass Top Gas Stove

How To Clean The Glass Top Of A Gas Stove Safely?

  • Ingredients Required: Warm water, Soft cloth/towel, Soft sponge, Razor/Sharp scraper, Baking soda, Vinegar, Lemon
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Time Needed: 60 minutes including preparation and holding time.
Step-By-Step Guide
Below is a step-by-step process that would allow you to clean the glass top safely and without any hassle. This process to get rid of burnt grease and baked dirt is the safest way to clean the glass top without ruining the materials.
Prepare The Cleaning Solution
Firstly, you need a cleaning solution that can soften up the dirt and break down the oil and grease. A soapy mixture of water and dishwashing soap would be very effective for this. If you prefer to use natural cleaning ingredients, you may mix water and vinegar in a 50:50 ratio.
Soak The Cloth
Remember we mentioned a cloth or towel in the list of ingredients? Submerge it in the cleaning solution in a bowl or bucket and wait for it to soak. It’s best to use microfiber towels as they are soft enough not to scratch the black glass surface. If one towel isn’t big enough to cover your gas stove, use as many as needed.
Sprinkle Baking Soda On Glass Top
Take baking soda and sprinkle it over the glass top. Make sure to lay a thick layer of baking soda, covering all the areas with tough patches of grease and dirt.
Use The Towel
Once the towel or cloth has soaked well in the cleaning solution, take it out and wring it to get rid of all the excess water. Now lay the towel on the stove to cover and moisten the baking soda. Leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes to prevent the baking soda from drying up. In the meantime, the moistened baking soda will be breaking down the dirt on the glass top. If one towel isn’t big enough for your gas stove, use as many as needed.
Wipe Away The Dirt
Now that most of the dirt and burnt grease have softened up, you can use a dry microfiber cloth or towel to wipe the surface of the glass top. Scrub and wipe away all the food and grease carefully. You may have to repeat from step 3 onwards again if the surface is too dirty.
Scrape Away Stubborn Stains
The heat from the stove bakes some of the dirt and grease on the glass, hardening them up. These may remain even after you have wiped the surface clean with the cloth or sponge several times. This is when the razor or scraper comes into play. Hold the blade as flat against the glass surface as possible, pressing it against the dirt. Push it forward firmly but carefully, scraping away the dirt and grit from the glass.

Deep Cleaning A Glass Top Gas Stove

So now you know how to clean the glass cooktop safely, but what about the rest of the appliance? Components such as the burners and the spill trays get quite dirty too, especially, if you cook using attachments like gas tandoor. You need to clean them properly if you were to make the glass top gas stove shine. Well, here’s what you need to do-

1. Remove The Detachable Components

Several parts of a gas stove, such as the pan support, burners, and spill trays, are usually detachable. While 2 burner glass top stoves have a few detachable components, 3 or 4 burner stoves have more.

However, before removing them, check the user manual to be sure which parts are detachable and which aren’t. The manual may also have instructions on removing these parts. If not handled properly, you might end up breaking the glass top. So, please be careful.

2. Soak In The Cleaning Solution

Mix about eight to nine cups of warm water with two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid in a bucket. Take the detachable parts you removed and put them in the solution. Leave them for a while to soak and loosen up the dirt and grime.

3. Scrub These Parts Clean

Unlike the glass top, these metal components aren’t as vulnerable to scratches or damage. Take a scrubbing tool (even a toothbrush would suffice) and scrub out the dirt and grime. Cleaning the burner may take some extra effort due to carbon deposits and burnt grease.

4. Rinse And Wash The Detachable Parts

Now that you have loosened up all the dirt, simply rinse the detached parts in water to wash them clean. If you notice any patches of stubborn dirt remaining, scrub them until there’s no dirt left.

5. Clean The Remaining Parts Of The Gas Stove

Now, clean the body of the gas stove and any non-detachable parts the same way you had cleaned the glass top. However, you can use tough scrubbing materials on metal parts, such as the sides of the gas stove.

Cleaning black glass top gas stove at kitchen

Glass Top Gas Stove Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your gas stove doesn’t have to be a tedious task. It will be much easier if you take good care of it regularly rather than cleaning it once a month or so. Here are a few tips on keeping the glass top clean-

  • Clean Up Spills Immediately: Food residues on the gas stove are hard to get rid of only because they harden over time. Unlike stainless steel gas stoves, the heat from the glass top stove dries and bakes it, creating a tough layer on the surface of the glass. This won’t be a problem if you clean up spills immediately after they occur. It takes less than a minute to wipe off a liquid spill with a damp cloth. This will eliminate the need for a razor to scrape food residues.
  • Weekly Washing: Every week, wash the gas stove and wipe the glass top clean in the method described earlier. Regular cleaning is the key to maintaining a spotless clean gas stove. Once dirt and grime settle and harden, they might leave behind stains even after you scrape them off.
  • Consider Using Specialty Cleaner Kits: If you’re having a tough time dealing with burnt grease and dirt, consider using specialty cleaners. These are special cleaning solutions made exactly for the purpose of cleaning gas stove tops. Most of them are thick and creamy in nature and can easily get rid of tough deposits. Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit is the best specialty cleaning solution for glass top stoves, available with a scrubbing pad, cleaning tool, and scraper.
  • Be Mindful When Using Scraper: You need to be extremely cautious when cleaning the glass surface with a razor blade or scraper. Doing it wrong can easily end up scratching the glass. Go slowly and avoid using the corners of the blade. In case the manufacturer’s care instructions advise against using razor blades, you’ll have to use a different tool, such as the edge of a silicone spatula or a non-abrasive cleaning pad.
  • Use Kitchen Supplies: Low on dishwashing liquid or other cleaners? No worries, you can use common kitchen supplies like lemon instead. Lemon and baking soda do an excellent job of breaking down grease particles. Simply sprinkle the baking soda like you normally would, squeeze the lemon over it, and rub the surface to distribute the mixture evenly.
  • Do Not Use Ammonia: Ammonia has a pH of more than 11 compared to the pH of 8.4 for Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). As the alkalinity of ammonia is higher than baking soda, using the latter is the safest option. If not diluted well, ammonia can create permanent marks on the glass top, which will look bad, especially if it is black glass. For this reason, never use ammonia to clean the glass top.

The reputed brands like Butterfly, Prestige, Elica, Faber, Sunflame, and Whirlpool, manufacture easy to clean gas stoves. Whether it is a gas stove with 2, 3, or 4 burners, the process remains the same. As you have seen by now, cleaning a glass top isn’t at all complicated. Just follow the above steps and try to clean it regularly to make the task easier and more convenient.

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