The Different Types Of Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are essential kitchen appliances for Indian cooking. Initially, they were manufactured using stainless steel or aluminum for day-to-day use. When people started to opt for comfort, manufacturers gave a touch of elegance and luxury to their gas stoves. Different types of gas stoves in India are available with distinct types of burners, prices, designs, ignition systems and top materials. Let’s dive into more details.

Different Types Of Gas Stoves In India

Types Of Gas Stoves According To The Type Of Burners

1. Open Burner Gas Stove

Open burner gas stove is mainly composed of an open burner that is not sealed from the ends; thus, it allows more oxygen to reach the flame. Therefore, this type of burner results in higher temperatures. Open burner gas stoves are more heat-efficient and are very helpful while making fried cuisines. They are more common and productive than closed burner gas stoves.
There are several types of open burner gas stoves-

A. Tri Pin Brass Burner Gas Stove

These gas burners are most popular and widely used in the majority of gas stoves manufactured in India. As the name suggests, Tri-pin brass burner gas stoves are composed of three pins which can be clearly seen from the top. These brass burners are corrosion-resistant, and thus, they are well known for improved longevity and durability. So, Indian vessels and cookware are perfectly compatible with these gas stoves.

Tri Pin Open Brass Burner Gas Stove

Tri Pin burner gas stoves make cooking easier and require minimal timing due to high thermal efficiency of the brass material. It has a spill-proof ability that maintains the prevention of spills while cooking. Another essential feature is its excellent pan support which holds the cooking pots in the right place and also provides stability. It is well known for its longevity and durability.

Tri-pin burners are used in the best gas stoves with 2,3, or 4 burners, and you can cook food easily at your convenience. They have a higher thermal efficiency and easy to use.

Apart from cast brass, the burner of a gas stove is also manufactured using forged brass and aluminum. Compare brass vs forged brass vs aluminum to know their pros and cons.

B. Standing Pilot Gas Stove

It is a traditional type of gas stove that consists of a small burner, a gas valve, and a thermocouple. To use a standing pilot gas stove, you need to light up the standing pilot device.

Upon heating, the thermocouple generates electricity which is responsible for opening up the gas valve for ignition. As long as the thermocouple is heated, it keeps the valve open to ensure continuous gas supply.

After cooking, the thermocouple cools down and closes the gas valve automatically when you turn off the standing pilot. While the process is convenient and safe, standing pilot gas stoves have lesser energy efficiency as some heat is wasted to light up the pilot ignition system.

C. Electric Ignition Gas Stove

Unlike standing pilot gas stoves, electric ignition gas stoves ignite automatically when your turn the knob to “on” position. For this gas stove to function, an electric spark must be generated to ignite the burners.

The electric ignition gas stove has a unique ignition system that requires electricity and batteries to operate. You have to replace the batteries of this type of gas stove periodically for smooth operation. In case of the electrical power cuts, you can use a matchstick or a lighter to ignite the gas burner.

D. Gas Stoves With Special Types Of Open Burners

  • Tornado Burner Gas Stove: A tornado burner is a special type of gas stove burner known for lowering gas consumption with higher energy efficiency than any of the other types of gas stoves in India mentioned above. Blowhot Sapphire is one such tornado burner gas stove with improved productivity. The top material of such gas stoves is usually made of tempered glass with high durability.
  • Heavy Duty Gas Stove: As the name suggests, this type of gas stove is beneficial for heavy-duty cooking for a large family or special occasions. The primary material used for heavy gauge burner is either mild steel or brass. So, heavy duty gas burners are pretty durable and can last for decades.
  • Ring Burner Gas Stove: A ring burner consists of multiple concentric rings on which the holes are made. Due to a series (single, double and triple) of burner holes with gas flow rate, it is very helpful for heavy heating requirements and are compatible with Indian pots and pans. This burner is usually made of cast iron.

2. Sealed Burner Gas Stove

Sealed Burner Gas Stove

The main component of this type of gas stove is a sealed burner, which is called so because the burner is fixed to the base. Instead of directly exposing it to the cookware’s bottom, the burner has a seal on the top, covering the holes and the main burning components. After ignition, this sealed burner allows the flame to spread out.

Unlike open burner gas stoves, sealed burner gas stoves can be cleaned easily. However, the heat output is less, and they are more expensive. But sealed burners are more attractive than open burners and ideal for modern modular kitchens.

Type Of Gas Stoves As Per Number Of Burners

  • One Burner Gas Stove: One burner gas stoves are very efficient for small kitchens and require less cooking. It is ideal for bachelors living in a hostel or a rented apartment.
  • Two Burner Gas Stove: Consisting of double burners, this type of gas stove can be used for a family of 2-4 members. They have a spill-proof design and energy-efficient burners for hassle-free cooking.
  • Three Burner Gas Stove: 3 burner gas stoves are very useful in making cooking faster and more efficient for a medium-sized family. They can hold two big and one small cookware on each of these burners at a time.
  • Four Burner Gas Stove: They are attached to a total of 4 burners- two medium and two small. Four burner gas stoves are very efficient and faster. If you have a large family of 4 or more members or commercial space, choosing a 4-burner gas stove would be your best option.
  • Five Burner Gas Stove: This type of gas stove is ideal for joint families with many members and restaurants, allowing one to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. Different pots and pans can be placed on such gas stoves, providing extra space for heavy-duty culinary skills.
gas stove design

Gas Stoves According To Design

Classic (Traditional) Gas Stove

It is a conventional type of gas stove that has been widely used in India for decades. Mostly made of stainless steel or aluminum, we have seen classic gas stoves last for more than ten years. High durability, decent build quality, brass burners, and detachable pan supports are some important features of this type of gas stove.

Priced around ₹600-₹2000, they are budget-friendly and prevalent among most Indians. Nowadays, manufacturers have updated their designs according to users’ requirements. As a result, instead of only two burners, these gas stoves are also available with 3 and 4 burners in most stores.

Built-in Hob

As the name suggests, built-in gas hobs are “built-in” on the countertop. Unlike gas stoves, built-in hobs are permanently fixed, and you cannot move them anywhere after installation. Such a minimal design increases the cooking space and helps in better convenience. It also gives an elegant look to the kitchen, adding to the interior design.

A built-in hob in our kitchen

On the downside, built-in hobs are costlier than gas stoves. While expensive, built-in hobs like Faber Hob Maximus are energy-efficient, durable, and easy to use. There is no better option than a built-in hob for modern kitchens.

Hybrid Gas Stove

It is a relatively recent addition to the list of gas stoves in India. In a hybrid gas stove, gas, electric, and induction cooking can be done together in a single setup. So, you won’t have to buy an induction cooktop or electric stove separately. A hybrid gas stove has an automatic voltage regulator that can adjust to the voltage fluctuation. These gas stoves are energy-efficient and can be used to cook multiple dishes at once.

Types Of Gas Stoves In India According To Ignition Automation

Manual Ignition Gas Stove

As the name implies, manual ignition gas stoves require manual operation. You must turn the knob clockwise to open the gas valve and ignite the burner with a lighter or matchstick. Temperature regulation is easy by rotating the knob further. A manual ignition gas stove is more budget-friendly than gas stoves with automatic ignition.

Auto ignition gas stove

Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Unlike manual ignition gas stoves, auto ignition gas stoves require less effort from your side. As soon as you rotate the knob, the burner automatically ignites along with gas supply. Auto ignition gas stoves are ignited by household electricity supply or batteries. These gas stoves are pretty easy to handle but they are expensive than manual ignition gas stoves.

Different Gas Stoves As Per Top Build Material

Stainless Steel Gas Stove

This type of gas stove is practically found in every other Indian household. Made of stainless steel, this gas stove is durable and has proven safe to use. They are easy to maintain and clean while costing less than other gas stoves. The stainless steel body can distribute the heat evenly, and the flame temperature can be regulated conveniently. This type of gas stove has a long life and is easily maintainable. So, it is a safe option for home use.

Glass Top Gas Stove

While stainless steel gas stoves are the oldest in the Indian market, glass top gas stoves are more recent additions. Compared to stainless steel gas stove, this type of gas stove looks better in design and appearance. But every stove has its perks and limitations.

Cooking on glass top gas stove

Though the top material is toughened or tempered glass, these gas stoves are more prone to breakage due to temperature difference, impact, and other reasons. Glass top gas stoves are also more expensive than traditional gas stoves, which opens up another option for you.

Ceramic Top Gas Stove

A ceramic top gas stove is an ideal alternative to a glass top gas stove. Though it is less popular than other gas stoves, a ceramic gas stove is very attractive and can add elegance to your modern kitchen. However, a ceramic top gas stove is more fragile and prone to cracking. For this reason, stainless steel and glass top gas stoves are better options.

Other Types Of Gas Stoves

Apart from these types, gas stoves can also be classified according to the fuels used. In India, LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), PNG (Piped Natural Gas), and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) are widely used for cooking purposes. While LPG gas stoves are more widely used, CNG and PNG gas stoves are available in a limited number of cities. Knowing the differences between LPG and PNG gas stoves will help you choose a suitable one.

A gas stove serves as the kitchen’s heart by making your cooking process easier and more comfortable. Now I am sure that you have a clear idea about different types of gas stoves in India and their pros and cons. List down your requirements and find the perfect fit for your kitchen!

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