Glass Top Gas Stove Vs Stainless Steel Gas Stove – Which Is Better?

Not sure whether to get a glass top gas stove or one made of stainless steel? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It can be quite a tough choice since you can find great products under either category. So, it is necessary to compare glass top vs steel gas stove to find out which is better.

The best gas stoves include both stainless steel and glass top gas stoves. Indeed, both options have perks and drawbacks, which you’ll have to consider carefully. This article will help you make an informed decision by giving you a better idea of the two gas stove designs.

What Is A Glass Top Gas Stove?

As its name indicates, a glass top gas stove is simply a type of gas stove with a hardened or tempered glass panel fabricated on top. These appliances have a similar design to glass while stainless steel gas stoves and come with metal bodies.

The key difference maker is the glass body– it adds a beautiful aesthetic appeal to the appliance. The glass is usually black, although some manufacturers also use other dark colors like deep blue.

Together with the glossy appearance of the glass surface, the dark color gives the gas stove a very sleek and stylish look. This is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of glass top gas stoves and hobs. These gas stoves not only promote an ambiance of sophistication in the kitchen but also go well with modern décor.

The glass panel used on a glass top gas stove usually boasts a decent thickness and is made from toughened glass. While this significantly increases the durability of the glass top, it’s still less durable than a stainless steel gas stove in most cases.

Recommended glass top gas stoves:

Cooking on glass top gas stove

Advantages Of Glass Top Gas Stove

1. Better Aesthetic Appeal

As mentioned earlier, the aesthetic appeal of a glass top hob or gas stove is one of the key reasons to get one. The sleek and dark design of the glass panel complements the looks of other modern kitchen appliances and décor perfectly. This is why glass top gas stoves have a major advantage over stainless steel ones in terms of aesthetics.

2. Precise Heat Control

Another advantage of a glass top gas stove is its precise heat control system that helps in even heat distribution to the cookware. These gas stoves distribute heat better than stainless steel gas stoves, allowing you to cook more efficiently.

3. Additional Features

Glass top gas stoves have several additional features that most stainless steel gas stoves do not provide. An auto-ignition system is more common in glass top stoves compared to stainless steel ones.

Some of them even come with a gas leakage detection system, timer, child lock, etc. So, these features are indeed more beneficial for households who want a well-designed and high-performance gas stove.

Disadvantages Of A Glass Top Gas Stove

1. Less Durability

This is a major drawback of glass top gas stoves. Like you would expect from any appliance with an exterior glass component, it’s fragile and more prone to damage than stainless steel stoves.

The toughened glass is much stronger than regular glass and won’t crack as easily, but you still need to handle it carefully. A strong impact on the surface can cause the glass to crack or break. Hence, a glass top gas stove calls for very delicate handling.

2. Higher Cost

While glass top gas stoves look great, they come with a higher price tag than stainless steel gas stoves. If you have a very limited budget and seek a pocket-friendly product, a glass top gas stove might not be a viable option. The glass top would be quite costly to repair if it cracks or breaks.

3. Damage From Overheating

If the glass panel gets too hot while cooking, it may expand and crack/explode. This can pose a danger to anyone standing nearby. However, there are also heat-resistant glass top gas stoves on the market to tackle this issue. You should also be careful not to place hot utensils on the glass. This is a major concern to use a gas tandoor on glass top stove for making delicious tandoors and kebabs.

4. Limitations In Cleaning

A glass top gas stove is indeed easy to clean, but several limitations exist. As glass is more prone to damage than stainless steel, you can’t use all the cleaning materials that you would for a stainless steel gas stove. For instance, materials like steel wool and abrasive sponges can scratch and ruin the glass surface while cleaning the glass top. Instead, use soft sponges and clothes.

Best Uses Of Glass Top Stove

Ideally, a glass top gas stove is best for buyers whose aesthetic appeal is a major priority. If you have a modern kitchen with stylish and sleek décor, a stainless steel gas stove might look a little out of place. In such cases, any of the following glass top gas stove would be a good choice for you.

Here are two high quality glass top gas stoves worth checking out:

What Is A Stainless Steel Gas Stove?

These traditional gas stoves are made entirely of stainless steel, including the top panel. The all-metal structure gives the gas stove a rather ordinary look compared to glass top gas stoves.

However, it covers the biggest drawback of glass top gas stoves – durability. By using a stainless steel gas stove, you won’t have to worry about a fragile top panel that might break if you accidentally drop a utensil on it.

While stainless steel gas stoves don’t look as stylish as glass top ones, they can still be aesthetically pleasing. After all, stainless steel has a beautiful silvery tone to it. The top gas stove brands offer elegant stainless steel gas stoves with brass burners.

If you are looking for a balance between aesthetics and durability, you could go for a stainless steel gas stove. However, keep in mind that stainless steel isn’t as good as glass in retaining its shine, and the aesthetic appeal would deteriorate over time.

Recommended stainless steel gas stoves:

Cooking on stainless steel gas stove

Advantages Of A Stainless Steel Gas Stove

1. High Durability

Durability is stainless steel’s most important advantage over glass. A gas stove made of stainless steel isn’t fragile in any way, and neither does it crack on expansion. While a glass top gas stove can last years if handled well, you can be much more carefree with a stainless steel gas stove.

2. Cheaper Price

A stainless steel gas stove is usually cheaper than a similar glass top gas stove from the same brand. Of course, there are significant variations in the pricing, and you might find a glass top gas stove that’s cheaper than a stainless steel one. As long as you’re considering products of similar quality, a stainless steel gas stove will usually be a more budget-friendly option.

3. Hassle-free Cleaning

You can use a much wider variety of cleaning products to clean a stainless steel gas stove without scratching or damaging it in any way. This makes it easy to scrub away dirt and grime with steel wool and other strong materials. Unlike glass top stoves that require non-abrasive cleaning materials, this is a much easier process.

Disadvantages Of A Stainless Steel Gas Stove

1. Aesthetic Appeal

A gas stove made from stainless steel usually doesn’t look as good as a glass top gas stove. This might make stainless steel gas stove a less preferred option if you are looking for a very stylish and modern-looking gas stove. Moreover, the stainless steel body can develop scratches and lose its shine over the years.

2. Tougher Grease

Contrary to glass top gas stoves, oil, and grease, can get stuck badly on stainless steel. This means you will have to deal with tougher grease and dirt, which requires more effort to clean.

Best Uses Of Stainless Steel Gas Stove

A stainless steel gas stove is widely used in most Indian households. Many of them last over a decade due to their high durability and better impact resistance. Though food particles stick on stainless steel, you can clean it using standard cleaning agents and materials, which is not the case with a glass top gas stove. A stainless steel gas stove is cheaper in price too, and thereby, anyone can afford them.

Here are two high quality stainless steel gas stoves worth checking out:

Glass Top Vs Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Glass Top Vs Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Point Of DifferenceStainless Steel Gas StoveGlass Top Gas Stove
DesignStainless steel gas stoves look elegant, but not as great as glass top ones.Glass top gas stoves look more sophisticated and stylish.
PricingThese gas stoves cost relatively less.Glass top gas stoves are more expensive.
DurabilityStainless steel is much more durable and can last many years with ease.Glass is much more vulnerable to cracking and breakage.
CleaningDirt and grease can settle in more toughly, but you can use a wider range of cleaning materials.You can’t use any abrasive cleaning materials, but grease and food spills take longer to stick to the glass.
Heat ControlDoesn’t distribute heat to the cookware as efficiently as glass top gas stoves.Glass top gas stoves ensure even heat distribution.

So, Which Gas Stove Is Better Glass Top Or Stainless Steel?

It’s rather evident that both glass top and stainless steel gas stoves can be good options for your kitchen, depending on your requirements. If you prioritize durability and easy cleaning, go for a stainless steel gas stove. Glass top gas stoves are a better option for those who value aesthetics and have a modern kitchen. Therefore, prioritize your requirements and choose a suitable gas stove according to them.

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      Thanks for your kind words! The only time a glass top becomes unusable when you find cracks. Otherwise, it is good to go. Yes, you can replace the glass top easily by contacting the customer care. Hope it helps.

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