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Cooking is more convenient if you use a suitable stove according to your kitchen requirements, features, availability, and cost-effectiveness. Stoves and hobs are essential kitchen appliances that nearly three-fourths of Indians now own.

Be it a gas stove, induction cooktop, electric stove, wood burning stove, biomass stove, kerosene stove, solar stove, or portable camping stove- these cooking appliances are beneficial for every household.

But getting an excellent stove is challenging among hundreds of brands with more than ten thousand products available on the market.

When choosing a stove, we all have different requirements for design, ignition system, number of burners (for the gas stove), number of elements (for induction and electric stove), material, applicability, and wattage (for electric and induction stove) and price.

But we all want the best product that fits our budget. Stovepedia.com helps you find the most suitable stove for your specific kitchen requirement.

Goal Of StovePedia

When buying a stove, choosing the best product among different stoves is vital based on your specific needs. On StovePedia.com, we focus on the critical deciding factors like design, material, burners, ignition mechanism, brand reliability, and customer service to find and review different types of stoves.

Checking all the available online resources about stoves and cooktops, we realized that the information offered by most of these sites is not enough or well organized to assist you in making the correct decision.

The decision to choose a stove must be well-informed and well-analyzed, which demands proper understanding. StovePedia.com aims to fill this gap, and our vision is to be the #1 online resource for anything and everything connected to stoves in India.

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StovePedia.com works to help out Indian households choose the best quality stoves with reviews, price comparisons, buying guides, and expert tips. You can also find a comparison of different stoves and brands, which can help you further. Please read the terms and conditions of accessing, using, and reading all information we share.

Our Expertise

Every article you can read on StovePedia is written and edited by our highly competent team with years of experience, followed by market research, analysis, product review, and development.

Whether you would like to obtain a new stove or have some questions about the stove you’re using, StovePedia.com is your one-stop source for all of the info about stoves and cookers.

Every article we publish contains in-depth product information and a guide about how the stove is physically or how it is used based on our research, analysis, and testing. Read our disclaimer in this regard.

What Does StovePedia.com Offer?

In India, stoves are available at a price ranging from ₹500 to ₹30000, depending on the type and features. There are different types of stoves for this extensive price range- gas stove, kitchen hob, induction cooktop, induction hob, portable stove, kerosene stove, and wood burning stove. As different brands manufacture different types of stoves, brand selection is very vital.

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Along with that, the burners, ignition system, and material also play vital roles when determining the worthiness of a stove. StovePedia offers well-researched reviews, buying guides, answers, tips, and recommendations for various queries that we struggle with.

While sharing any information, we focus on the following points with high priority-

  • Tested and in-depth knowledge of every stove we write about.
  • All verdicts are based on thorough research, analysis, and testing (Some stoves may not need physical testing as they are significantly better or worse)
  • Identify the critical decision-making factors that affect the performance of the stove.
  • Benefits and drawbacks of every stove, cooker, and cooktop.
  • Comparison with close related products to find out which is better than others.
  • Latest price comparison.

Who Is Behind StovePedia?

Deepika Niraniya - Culinary expert and author of Stovepedia

Deepika Niraniya, a professional cook and also a foodie, is behind the creation of stovepedia.com. She has mastered the arts of cooking by studying Culinary Arts ( Cooking & Baking) and has more than 10 years of experience working at various restaurants.

With a tremendous knowledge of various recipes and the kitchen appliances used in the process, Deepika knows each and every aspect of different types of stoves. Be it an induction cooktop, gas stove, or any electric cooker, she is an expert in this field.

Deepika writes on all the posts you see on StovePedia. She leads a team of content creators, editors, designers, and developers to manage everything. You can follow Deepika on Twitter. 

Contact us if you have any questions or want to report any problem on the website. Please read our privacy policy to know how we protect your information.

Deepika Niraniya
Deepika Niraniya

As a food enthusiast, you never know where your next mouthwatering adventure will take you. Deepika has decades of experience in cooking on various types of stoves. StovePedia is the place to go when you’re looking for stoves or hobs – whether you need gas stoves, induction cooktops, or electric cookers for your kitchen.