How To Use Gas Tandoor On Glass Top Gas Stove?

For those who love cooking, a gas tandoor is a great kitchen accessory to have. By combining the functionality of an oven and a tandoor, gas tandoors allow you to cook a variety of delicacies at your home.

However, if you’re planning to make tandoori chicken, kebab, tikka, litti chokha, naan, grilled chicken, or other amazing foods by using a gas tandoor at home, you might be wondering if it’s compatible with your gas stove.

This is especially a concern for households with glass top gas stoves, as the glass is prone to cracking when used with gas tandoors. But is there a way to prevent it? Let’s find out how to use a gas tandoor on a glass top stove without any issues.

Can You Use A Gas Tandoor On Any Gas Stove?

One of the biggest advantages of gas tandoors is the variety of cooking appliances they are compatible with. You can use a gas tandoor on any gas stove, including both stainless steel and glass top gas stoves, irrespective of the design.

However, for glass top gas stoves, you need to take some precautions, explained in the next section. Apart from working on modern kitchen hobs, some tandoor makers are even compatible with induction cooktops too.

Chicken Tikka prepared with gas tandoor

Is It Safe To Use A Gas Tandoor On A Glass Top Stove?

When it comes to glass top gas stoves, we have to be a little careful about handling and using gas tandoors. The fragile nature of glass top gas stove is always a concern, and you certainly won’t want to end up damaging it by using the wrong cooking apparatus.

Expansion due to heating is one of the most common problems with glass stop gas stoves. Especially if you place a hot utensil on the glass surface, the heat can concentrate at the point of contact and cause the glass to expand. Being a hard and fragile material with very poor flexibility, the glass might get shattered.

This, together with the risk of accidentally scratching the glass surface, often deters people from using gas tandoors on glass top gas stoves. But there are some ways to prevent it and as a result, you can still use a gas tandoor on your glass top stove.

For this reason, you must ensure that no part of the gas tandoor touches the glass surface on the gas stove. Let’s see how to use a gas tandoor on a glass top stove safely without breaking it.

How To Use Gas Tandoor On Glass Top Stove

Step-by-step Guide To Use Gas Tandoor On Glass Top Gas Stove

Step 1: Know Your Gas Tandoor

Check out the placement of different components to understand how the gas tandoor works. While most gas tandoors have a base to absorb heat, the other parts may differ. For instance, some gas tandoors have a metal plate over the base area to ensure even heat distribution. Other parts include a tandoor plate/grill and a lid.

Step 2: Use Oven Stand Below Gas Tandoor (Most Important)

Well, while hot metal touching the glass top is indeed an issue, it won’t be a problem if you use a Tandoor Oven Stand beneath the gas tandoor (as shown in the following image), designed specifically for this purpose. Such a stand can be fitted on the burner without touching the glass top of the gas stove and breaking it.

Tandoor oven stand below gas tandoor on glass top gas stove

Simply put the oven stand on the burner, then place the gas tandoor and cook your favorite dish. This way, you can safely use the gas tandoor on the glass top stove and won’t have to worry about any heating issue.

Step 3: Start Cooking

You can turn on the flame on the gas stove now. The heat will pass through the base and the heat distribution plate to reach the top area of the gas tandoor, which houses the food. The closed lid creates a hot chamber, trapping the heat and forcing it to circulate.

If you wish to make kebabs and would like to roast them using a tandoori stick, just place the tandoori stick over the utensil, balancing it on opposite edges. In this case, make sure to remove the tandoori pan/grill before cooking.

Step 4: Complete Cooking And Serve

After cooking completes, take out the delicious food and serve. Then, let the gas tandoor cool down for 15 minutes and then take out the components. Clean them properly and apply a little oil on the tandoori stick to make it rust-free and durable.

In case your gas tandoor has a bowl-like stand underneath, using it normally would cause the stand to touch the glass. You can still use it, by stacking two pan support grates to raise the height and prevent the stand from coming in contact with the glass panel. However, it’s much safer to use a tandoor oven stand on the gas stove.

How Does A Gas Tandoor Work?

If you’re a fan of tandoori dishes and baked foods, you would definitely love gas tandoors. The lack of a baking oven or tandoori oven will no longer stop you from making those dishes.

As the name suggests, a gas tandoor is designed to work on regular gas stoves, which makes them perfect for home use. This specially designed kitchenware replicates the functioning of a baking oven or a tandoor oven while using the flame from the gas stove as its heat source.

There are different types of gas tandoors available in the market. Some of these are flat are shaped somewhat like Dutch ovens with non-stick baking pans inside.

On the other hand, some gas tandoors are rather round in design and resemble mixer grinder containers, with a grill panel inside. These stand over the burner, with a wire net holding the food over the flame. The flame from the gas stove burners heat up the gas tandoor, cooking the food inside. It is a good alternative to direct cooking on the gas stove flame.

The working method is quite similar for all of them. A good gas tandoor will allow you to make a variety of dishes that might otherwise be very difficult or impossible to cook on a gas stove. Gas tandoors are also compatible with hobs, making them perfect for modern kitchens.

Now that you are aware that you can get gas tandoors compatible with glass top stoves, there’s no reason to worry. Go ahead to explore gas tandoors and see which one suits your tastes and fits your glass top gas stove. A versatile gas tandoor can save you the cost of buying a separate cooking appliance like an OTG or a tandoor oven.

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