Auto Ignition Gas Stoves For Effortless Cooking – Pros And Cons

In this article, we will explore about different auto ignition gas stoves and their working methods, advantages, disadvantages, safety and most reputed manufacturers.

What Is An Auto Ignition Gas Stove?

As the name implies, an auto ignition gas stove is a type of gas stove that ignites automatically on the user’s requirement. Unlike manual ignition gas stoves, auto ignition gas stoves and hobs use an inbuilt spark igniter to light up the burners. You simply need to flip the knob or push a switch. Auto ignition gas stoves are pretty easy to handle, and manufacturers have added some advanced features which are very helpful while cooking.

Recommended auto-ignition gas stoves:

Auto ignition gas stove

How Does An Auto Ignition Gas Stove Work?

An auto ignition gas stove works automatically without any external lighter or spark igniter. The gas stove ignite the burners by means of spark generated by battery or electricity. Only the gas knob needs to be turned on, and the burner lights up. Like all gas stoves, you can adjust the flame intensity by rotating the knob and turning it off after usage. Checking gas leakage is a vital process while using an auto-ignition gas stove or hob.

Different Types Of Auto Ignition Gas Stoves

Battery-operated Auto Ignition Gas Stove

You require replaceable batteries in a battery-operated auto-ignition system for lighting up the gas burner. Depending on how many times the burner is utilized, the batteries need to be replaced, and investment needs to be done in that respect. It lights up automatically without manual help. However, if the batteries run out, you can still use it like a normal gas stove or change the batteries.

Battery-less Electric Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Electric auto ignition gas stove do not require the usage of a battery like the previous stove. It runs on a mechanism that works only if electricity is available. The electricity creates a spark that ignites the burner, so if electricity is not present, the system will not work. Some modern electric auto ignition gas stoves are integrated with batteries which is an additional advantage.

Piezoelectric Auto Ignition Gas Stove

The piezoelectric auto ignition system works on the principle of piezoelectricity and does not need an external electrical connection. The electric charge is generated in the materials by mechanical deformation. The sudden forceful deformation creates electricity which is used to ignite the burners.

Is Auto Ignition Gas Stove Safe To Use?

Auto ignition gas stoves are relatively safer than manual ignition gas stoves or the electric ones. You do not need to use a lighter or a matchstick to ignite the gas stove. So, the chances of fire accidents are lower in auto ignition gas hobs than the manual gas stoves.

Auto ignition gas stoves only require pushing a button or turning on the knob, generating a spark and lighting up the gas burner. In addition, many electronic features have also added to its safety.

The modern automated ignition gas stove has technologies like alarms, low gas- usage options, and flame monitoring techniques which are very helpful for the users, especially beginners. Let’s see its benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages Of Auto Ignition Gas Stove

  1. Easy To Use: Auto ignition gas stove can be operated only by turning on the knob and does not require the manual use of a lighter or a matchstick. It reduces physical effort and complications during cooking. Ultimately, auto ignition gas stoves are easy to use and very convenient for the users. Direct cooking on the stoves is also convenient.
  2. Safest Among All Gas Stoves: As long as the auto ignition mechanism works, these gas stoves have the least chances of causing gas leakage as the inbuilt igniter generates spark as soon as the nozzle transfers the gas. Hence, it is safer to use.
  3. Less Wastage And High Energy Efficiency: Unlike manual ignition gas stoves, there is no wastage of gas or fuel while searching and using a lighter or a matchstick as the burner is lighted up quickly as soon as we rotate the knob.
  4. Faster Cooking Experience: These gas stoves work faster as the burner catches fire instantaneously after you turn the knob. Thus, auto ignition gas stoves perform better with a higher energy efficiency than manual ignition gas stoves.
  5. Durable and Sturdy Design: Most auto ignition gas stoves from well-known brands are long-lasting, rigid, and has a unique pan support system.

Disadvantages Of Auto Ignition Gas Stove

  1. Expensive: The price of auto ignition gas stoves is higher than the manual gas stoves.
  2. Battery Replacement: The batteries of a battery-operated auto ignition gas hob or stove require periodic care and replacement to work smoothly. This is an extra task for the cook. Ordinary gas stoves are simpler to use and do not have the hassle of batteries.
  3. Electricity Required: Electricity-operated auto ignition gas stoves do not work during load shading. In the absence of electricity, you will require to operate it manually.
Advantages and Disadvantages Of Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Auto Ignition Vs. Manual Gas Stove – Which Is Better?

An auto ignition gas stove is user-friendly, convenient to use, and has an in-built automated system that does not require manual efforts. It is safer than manual ignition gas stoves and has some additional electronic features which are helpful for the users. But, nothing is free from problems. Here is a table comparing auto ignition and manual ignition gas stoves based on some crucial factors.

DifferencesAuto Ignition Gas StoveManual Ignition Gas Stove
Ignition SystemAutomatic ignition (Operated by battery or electricity)Manual ignition ( Matchstick or lighter)
Ease Of UseEasier to useLess easy
SafetySafestLess safe
PriceMost expensive (₹2000 onwards)Cheaper (₹600 onwards)
Repair CostHighLow
Energy EfficiencyHighestLess
Cooking TimeFasterSlower
DesignMore attractiveLess attractive

So, auto ignition gas stoves are long-lasting and durable to suit modern kitchens. As with any other device, it has both pros and cons, but if you are looking for a gas stove that requires less effort from your side, then auto ignition gas stoves or hobs are your ideal choice.

Here are some best quality auto ignition gas stoves in the market:

How To Use An Auto Ignition Gas Stove?

  • At first, ensure to put working batteries in the designated area of the battery-operated auto ignition gas stove. In the case of an electric auto ignition gas stove, make sure the electricity supply is available.
  • Next, ensure that there is no gas leakage near the nozzle or gas pipe. It is crucial for the safe usage of the stove.
  • After ensuring zero leakage, slowly rotate the knob in the anti-clockwise direction. As soon as the knob moves from the off position, the spark igniter will generate a spark, and the nozzle will pass gas (LPG/PNG) to ignite the burner automatically.
  • You can adjust the flame intensity by rotating the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise. After completion of cooking, reset its position to turn off the gas stove.

Burner Arrangement On Auto Ignition Gas Stove

2 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

A 2-burner auto ignition gas stove is mostly used in nuclear and small-sized families. It is very efficient for easy and simple cooking. These gas stoves are strong and durable because the burners are made of tough brass materials and are energy-efficient.

3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

A 3 burner auto ignition gas stove is ideal for a medium-sized family and good for home use. Their knobs are easy to turn, and they have heat–resistant knobs, which makes 3 burner auto ignition gas hobs and stoves very safe to use. Also read: Hob Vs Gas Stove – Which Is Better?

The burners provide an equal amount of heat to the cookware, and the user can cook multiple dishes simultaneously. Most of these gas stoves are only suitable with LPG, but can be upgraded to PNG with the help from a technician.

4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

4 burner auto ignition gas stoves are perfect for large families so different foods can be prepared quickly. The burners are durable and made of brass or steel, ensuring safe and secure cooking. Its ability to cook different foods on 4 burners ensures a hassle-free cooking experience.

Auto Ignition Gas Stove Brands

Prestige is the best brand for gas stoves in India. The Prestige auto ignition gas stove can be an excellent choice as it provides large burners for easy and quick cooking. It includes additional drip tray for easy cleaning, spill-proof design, tri-pin burners, ergonomic knobs, and superior toughened black glass for resisting scratches.

Sunflame auto ignition gas stoves are available with a tough glass cooktop, strong powder-coated pan supports, and a GP sheet base. The brass burners are efficient, and drip trays absorb all the spills on the gas stove and thus provide good support while cooking.

On the other hand, Elica and Glen auto ignition gas stoves have 360-degree revolving nozzle, toughened glass, efficiently operating knobs compatible with LPG, and fuel-efficient brass burners.

Apart from these brands, Butterfly, Faber, Lifelong and Kaff auto ignition gas stoves are also top choices that are experts in auto-ignition gas stoves. They provide heavy-duty pan support, easy grip knobs, and black curved tempered glass top.

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