Gas Stove Vs Hob – Which Is Better And Why?

Whether you are setting up new kitchen space or renovating the older one, the focal point of a kitchen is always the countertop where you cook. People often get confused about what type of gas stove they should choose- traditional gas stove or built-in hob.

In this article, you will learn about the differences and similarities between gas stove and hob. Know the benefits and drawbacks along with comparison of gas stove vs hob based on their design, material, applicability, features, installation, maintenance, and most importantly, the price range. So, let’s jump into the details.

How Can A Gas Stove Help You?

A gas stove is a type of stove used to cook with the help of heat generated from combustible gases such as natural gas, LPG, PNG, butane, syngas, propane, etc. Unlike a hob, it has a free-standing body design and is very commonly used in Indian households.

It eases the job of cooking food with the help of the knob that you can use to control the heat or flames. A gas stove is straightforward to install- you just need to attach the gas pipe carefully with the cylinder, and you are good to go. There are benefits and drawbacks of using a gas stove- let’s know them in detail.

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Benefits Of Gas Stove Over Hob

Easier Installation

Unlike gas hobs, a gas stove can be smoothly installed in a kitchen just by connecting it to the regulator and gas cylinder. Because of its free-standing body, the stove can be easily moved and replaced from one place to another. So, it can be considered portable.

Comparatively Cheaper

Another advantage of gas stoves is that they are cheaper than built-in hobs. Gas stoves are very reasonable, and in case of any damage, you can change its parts easily and not the whole thing.

Easier Maintenance

A gas stove requires low maintenance as compared to hobs. As it is sturdy and portable, you can easily clean any food spills just by lifting it up or moving it to another place. You can even remove its burners and rings to clean them separately.

Drawbacks Of Gas Stove Over Hob

Bulky Appearance

As the gas stoves freely stand at least a few inches above the kitchen countertop and the pipeline is also visible, they often look huge or bulky. Such a design hampers the aesthetics of a small kitchen.

No Premium Features

Another drawback of a gas stove is that it can only cater to your need for cooking food only through its basic features like heat control using the knob, sturdy pan support, etc. Though some gas stoves have auto ignition systems, you will not get additional features like auto turn-off, timers and alarms that are available on a hob, etc. So, the cooking process will not be as seamless as it would have been using a gas hob.

Gas Stoves Are Not As Safe As Hobs

You have to be really careful while handling a gas stove. Unlike hobs, it does not provide any additional safety feature to its users, so there are possibilities of danger if not used with extra caution. So, in this case, the hob is definitely better.

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Prestige Royale Plus 3 Burner Gas Stove is the best gas stove due to its high build quality and durability, efficient performance, and user-friendly controls. It is a glass-top gas stove with a body structure made of powder-coated steel.

This gas stove is worthy of buying as it comes with spill trays, individual pan supports, and gas valves from Sabaf-Italy. Apart from this Prestige gas stove, you can also check Blowhot Sapphire Manual 3 Burner Gas Stove as its best alternative.

Kitchen Hobs – How Can They Help You?

A gas hob or kitchen hob is a modernized gas stove that has a built-in design. Apart from the primary features you get from a gas stove, it also provides additional benefits that help you in the cooking process.

It is a permanent set-up- they are attached to the kitchen countertop and do not protrude outside, thereby saving your kitchen space. Gas hobs satisfy the basic needs along with adding to the aesthetics of your kitchen through their look at the same time.

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Benefits Of Hob Over Gas Stove

More Enjoyable Cooking Experience

The main benefit of a hob is that it has several user-friendly features that make cooking more convenient and enjoyable. Almost all gas hobs come with the auto-ignition mechanism that helps the user light the burners automatically. As a kitchen hob has a built-in design, it does not protrude from the kitchen countertop, making it easy to load or unload large cooking utensils.

Excellent Design For Modern Kitchens

Gas hobs are available in beautiful and sleek designs compared to gas stoves. Apart from its excellent service, a hob will also add to the aesthetic of your kitchen space with its appearance. Kitchen hobs are used in the modular kitchens to get a clutter-free look- this is done by screwing the hob to the kitchen countertop.

Multiple Heat Controlling Systems

Gas hobs are built with multi-flame burners, where you can control the heat of the exterior and interior rings of each burner using multiple options. Various foods require various heat ranges, so you can precisely adjust the flame according to your needs. It is a great advantage compared to a traditional gas stove, which has a limited range of heat control.

Higher Levels Of Safety

A gas hob is a much safer option than a gas stove. Unlike gas stoves, a gas hob provides various safety features like alarm systems, timers, automatic turn-off, etc., to prevent food burning, increase user safety and ensure a seamless cooking experience.

Drawbacks Of Hobs Over Stoves

Hobs Are Comparatively Expensive Than Gas Stoves

Because of the many features a gas hob offers, it is priced at high ranges. Although the cost depends on the size, design, etc., it is definitely more expensive than a regular gas stove.

They Have A Complex Way Of Installation

Installing a gas hob in your kitchen can be a highly complex process. Hobs are attached to the kitchen countertop using screws. Once installed, you cannot change its position, unlike gas stoves. So, the hobs get a permanent place in your kitchen area. So, its replacement cost is also very high if it gets damaged. Therefore, in this case, a gas stove surely wins in the hob vs gas stove comparison.

A Hob Needs Proper Maintenance

You have to be very careful while cooking on a kitchen hob. If water or any liquid spills seep into the burners, it might damage the gas hob. Hobs are also more delicate than gas stoves. So, you need to be cautious while using, maintaining, or cleaning it. You must cleanse the hob regularly to make it last longer.

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Faber 4 Brass Burner Auto Ignition Gas Hob is one of the best hobs you can get in the Indian market. The 8 mm toughened glass, combined with metal knobs with golden insets, makes it ideal for use in a modern kitchen. Apart from it, this kitchen hob comes with an electric auto ignition system that makes cooking easier than ever!

Gas Stove Vs Hob

Gas Stove Vs Hob – Comparison

Point Of DifferenceGas StoveGas Hob
DesignGas stoves are sold in various designs; however, they have a free-standing body.Gas hobs are also available in many designs but have a built-in body concealed on the kitchen countertop.
ApplicabilityGas stoves use heat from fuels to just cook various foods but offer no extra feature such as timers, multi-flame burners, automatic turn-off system, alarmsGas hobs not only meet the requirement of cooking food but also provide additional functionalities.
Build MaterialVarious types of materials for gas stoves are available in the market such as stainless steel, glass, ceramic, etc.Kitchen hobs are mostly made with tempered glass or ceramic.
Advanced FeaturesTraditional stoves provide no extra features other than its basic features of heat control, auto-ignition, etc.Hobs provide various advanced features such as timers, multi-flame burners, automatic turn-off system, alarms, etc.
InstallationGas stoves are very easy to install in the kitchen. Just attach the pipeline to the gas cylinder carefully and you are ready to cook.Hobs are harder to install as they have a built-in design. They are permanently attached to the kitchen countertop using screws, in a way so that they do not protrude from the top surface.
Safety MeasuresStoves require precautions while using them as they have very few basic safety features such as safety valves.Along with the basic safety, hobs come with advanced safety features such as alarms and timers to prevent danger. So, they are safer that stoves.
Cleaning And MaintenanceGas stoves are very easy to clean and it works well in low maintenance.Hobs require special care while cleaning, and their maintenance is not so easy.
Price And AffordabilityGas stoves are comparatively cheaper and pocket-friendly. Its price ranges from ₹600 to ₹8000 on average.Hobs are expensive than gas stoves due to its extra features. It has a higher price tag starting from around ₹6000 and above.

Differences And Similarities Of Gas Stove And Hob

Here is a list of differences and similarities that you can find between gas stoves and gas hobs. This will let you compare the two and know each in more detail.


The main difference between gas stoves and hobs is their designs. Gas stoves have a free-standing structure which means they protrude from the kitchen countertop. So they might look bulky, mainly in small kitchen spaces.

On the other hand, gas hobs look sleek and classy with their built-in design. They are sealed to the countertop and do not take up much space in the kitchen. They are ideal for modern modular kitchens.


The applicability of a gas stove is simple. It helps you cook food using the heat from burning the flammable gases. You only get three types of heat control options that you can change using the knob.

But in the case of kitchen hobs, it is not just about cooking food; hobs have various features that increase their applicability to a great extent. You can control the heat of the burners with its multi-flame burner facility. You can set the gas flame temperature according to the requirement of the dish that you are cooking.

Build Material

Gas stoves and hobs are made with various build materials. You can find gas stoves whose bodies are made of stainless steel, glass, or ceramic. In comparison, hobs are mostly manufactured with glass or ceramic material.

Advanced Features

A significant difference between gas stove and hob is their features. A traditional gas stove does not have many features except for some basic ones, such as controlling the heat using the knob or auto-ignition that helps to light up the burners automatically.

On the other side, modern gas hobs come with a lot of advanced built-in features in them. Its timers, automatic turn-off option, alarms to prevent extra fuel consumption, and multi-flame burners offer a wide range of heat controlling options to regulate the inner and outer flames.


Gas stoves are very easy to install compared to hobs. Just connect the pipe to the gas stove and cylinder carefully, and you are ready. Also, it is very portable, so you can move it anywhere you want.

But, a gas hob is very difficult to install. It requires special attention while installation, and the process is complicated because it needs civil work and is fitted on the kitchen countertop. For this reason, you cannot even move it once installed.

Safety Measures

Whether you cook on a gas stove or a hob, safety is always necessary. However, you should take more safety measures while using a stove as it does not provide any unique feature to prevent fire or any danger. It only has essential safety features such as the safety valves, and some stoves provide an auto gas turn-off system.

On the other hand, gas hobs offer various advanced safety features and basic ones that can prevent your kitchen from catching fire or any other disaster. For example, its FFD (Flame Failure Device) gets activated accidentally whenever the flame goes off.

It cuts off the gas supply to the burners, preventing any damage from gas leakage. With the automatic turn-off option, alarms, and timers, you can set a time when it will automatically turn off to prevent food burning.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Gas stoves require significantly less maintenance, and cleaning them is not a big deal. You can simply move or lift it to clean any food spills. You can also open the rings and burners to clean them separately, and if any part of the stove gets damaged, you can simply change that part without replacing the whole stove. Know how to clean a gas stove easily at your home.

However, this is not in the case of a gas hob. You must be cautious while using hobs because if any food spills seep through the gas burners, it will be challenging to clean. Also, any damage in a hob leads to changing the whole thing as it is attached to the countertop, so you cannot change its parts separately.

Price And Affordability

The most significant difference between a gas stove and a hob is their price and affordability. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative and want to make a budget-friendly kitchen space, then go for a gas stove. They are much cheaper and more affordable than kitchen hobs.

Hobs are generally expensive and have higher price tags because of their advanced features. The average price range of gas stoves is between ₹600 to ₹8000, whereas gas hobs have a price range from around ₹6000 and above.

So, Which Is Better – Gas Stove Or Hob In India?

It is tough to choose the winner between a gas stove and a hob as both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. To find out which is better between gas stove or hob, you need to get familiar with their similarities and differences. So, compare gas stove vs hob justify your requirements wisely with their features.

If you have a modern kitchen and prefer a sleek design with advanced features, a gas hob will be a perfect choice. But if you want a pocket-friendly appliance just to meet your cooking needs with effortless maintenance, a gas stove will definitely be the right option for you. So, choose accordingly, and I hope you will have a great cooking experience with whatever you buy!

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